WordPress vs. Squarespace: Why Building on WordPress is the Better Choice

wordpress vs squarespace

WordPress vs Squarespace When it comes to building a website, there are numerous platforms available, but two of the most popular options are WordPress and Squarespace. While both have their merits, in this article, we’ll explore why hosting your WordPress website with Namecheap is the superior choice over Squarespace. Not only does Namecheap offer affordable […]

The Power of Typography in Branding

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The Power of Typography in Branding Creates consistency Consistency is crucial in branding, and typography plays a vital role in achieving it. Using the same font across all your marketing materials establishes consistency and helps customers recognize your brand quickly. Consistency also makes your brand more memorable and creates a sense of professionalism. Increases brand […]

The Benefits of Showing One Design Concept to Clients

Blog The Benefits of showing one design concept to clients As a brand designer, one of the most important parts of the design process is presenting your ideas to clients. But how many design concepts should you show? While some designers may present multiple options, we believe that presenting one strong concept is the best […]